Future Floor Polish

Future floor polish is a water-soluble acrylic floor coating product that was developed by S. C. Johnson. All these year’s even after 2008 when Johnson decided to move under the Pledge marketing umbrella their floor care products formula remains the same until today.

The bottle and description changed during the years past but same formula with slightly advanced characteristics still exist. Some photos showing the differences during time:

Future FloorWaxfuture-floor-wax


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Yerevan Military Museum

A visit to Yerevan Military Museum during August was the perfect opportunity to spend Sunday morning. Located inside the Mother of Armenia Monument from where the view on Yerevan city is great but also the unforgettable view of Ararat mountain is even greater. 

The outdoor exhibition is interesting in terms of available exhibits. All are Soviet Military from World War II up to the 1980. Not many exhibits are available but the ones present are very famous and have long military history. Two ZiS-2 57mm anti tank guns from World War II in front of the building:

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Make Your Own Acrylic Thinner

Make Your Own Acrylic Thinner

How to make your own Acrylic Thinner

This in an article about how to make your own Acrylic Thinner for your Acrylic colors. It can be applied to almost all Acrylic modelling colors in the market today with more or less similar results. There are some colors like Tamiya and Gunze that can have different effect only because their synthesis is not pure Acrylic but Water-Oil paints.

Except from Suppliers recommendation about Thinning or their own produced Acrylic Thinners, Acrylic colors can be thinned with Tap water, Distilled water, I.P.A, cleaning liquid like Windex and other equivalent liquids. The result depends from many factors, like which color will be used, the thinning volume, the air pressure and many other.

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Masking Tapes

Masking tapes, one issue that has been discussed a lot but I think it is quite interesting for the modelers and raises further analysis is the Masking Tape”. The reason is to explore the data source, application and technical features that are not exposed to the extent that it should be.

All started when alternative market for the masking of models for painting revealed. The comparison up to now is the tape from TAMIYA (the best fit), but someone wondered why this tape is so special, which are the specific technical characteristics of the tape to understand it and be able to compare with other products on the market that may be just as well and many times cheaper. There are of course some other examples of tapes that exist today and are specialized for this reason in modeling.

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