Scale Modelling Magazines

An excellent source for the Scale Modelling Hobby is the scale modelling magazines that are available and easily you can obtain a subscription. By becoming a member you will be able to enjoy newsletters and valuable information. Electronic versions are also available from most of the magazines and ready for download (a sample in PDF format). In our days having Smartphones as not a simply mobile device any more but as a tool for gathering information and social communication, many applications already exist for reading some of the most popular magazines in the glob. 


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Hobby Colors

This post is dedicated to “Hobby Colors” trying to provide historical as well as practical information for the matter in subject. In market today numerous of different type of paints are availabvle, but not all of them can be used for scale modelling hobby. Some of them can be used partially (for applying specific technics, oil paints for wash is an example) when others doesn’t have any practical use.
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