Mobile Base Station Diorama

Mobile Base Station diorama at 1/50 model scale. I use wood, plastic and metal to build this diorama from scratch. More than 1 year of design, building and painting and the result is what you see in photos. Actually is my first diorama which I was tried to build it by my own without using any ready pieces. I hope you like the result but for me it was really interesting and challenging at the same time. Of course at the begging I was planning to go in more details but then I realize that it will never be finished if I do so. The mobile base station is a greenfield site including 30m guyed tower, telecom shelter, fence, microwave antenna 1.2cm and three sect-oral antennas.

First some photos during assembling:

The result after full assembling and painting:

That’s all, Thanks for looking, any comments are welcome……………..

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