Scale Modeling Sources for Beginners

I decided to write this post and share my knowledge and thoughts for Scale Modeling sources available in market today. My initiation was triggered from the fact that when I started to look for information it was really hard to find and I spend a lot of time searching the web for reviews and related info. The problem was and I consider that still is,  important information for this subject can not be found from one or few reference points. This is what I will give a try to pop in as much information as possible for the subject of Scale Modeling sources.

Since the beginning of this exciting Hobby everything seams confusing: From where to start – Which are most appropriate techniques – Which tools – Which scale and from which supplier to start and several other questions that beginner modeller is getting really confused. An allegory like the puzzle of 5.000 small pieces. The Hobby of scale modelling regardless of  age and that  what really makes it wonderful and creative at the same time for everyone.

There is one problem though: “should I start with theory or going direct to practice”
Both are equally valuable and my opinion is that someone that wants to start must ruin some models at the begging and learn from his mistakes. Theory taken from books or online information will help him to correct his mistakes and practice will bring him to another level since he will be able to use his imagination and creativeness to adjust or to invent new practices. Most of us started or want to start by learning the secrets by ourselves because it is a kind of personal Hobby rather team spirit (at least at the begging) correlated. Of course this is not the rule but from personal experience at the begging I was trying to learn as much as possible by myself to reach at least an acceptable level and to be considered above the beginners levels which at least theoretically and with a lot of practice for some issues my opinion will count. So, let’s start from the basics or better start from the begging.
Online information
Finding online information is one way to start but at the beginning is better to get some concrete info from skilled modellers or from reliable magazines. I prefer to have hard copy of that information because it is obvious that we are going to refer to written content many times. To keep in electronic format also not a bad idea but we need to start collecting and creating our bibliography for future use anyway (electronic or by hardcopy). Some good reference sites listed below but there too many out there. The ones that are really interesting are the kit reviews where experienced modellers publishing their work. Kit reviews is also an intermediate way to choose your kit (from which manufacture) from your local store or online.

Forums are considered one of the best ways to find what you are looking, there are a lot out there that you can easy become a member. This will help you to find links for your subjects, reviews from kits, techniques and many other subjects related to Hobby. It is an interactive way to get answers to your questions by opening a new article for discussion and share your opinion with other modellers (you will learn a lot of tricks that will help you to go on). Search in your country about this clubs because I am sure you will be able to find a couple or even more.
Scale Modelling stores
Modeling stores except selling modeling supplies often they share valuable information about the hobby (in most of the cases owners are modellers as well). Searching their sites some tips or great reference links can be found (color charts or comparison tables, technical information about the products, etc). It should be easy to locate them in your country and even use their e-shop for ordering your supplies.

YouTube is another source of information that can be very helpful especially when the available videos can be stored and viewed when needed. I found some very interesting info about colors and thinning from this source that was really amazing.
Experience modellers from time to time had published books or written very helpful information. Some of the most recognized modellers are listed below followed by short description.
– Brett Green: Has been modelling most of his life and is best known for starting the World’s most popular aircraft modelling website ‘’ in 1997. Brett is the Editor of Model Military International and has written a number of books on modelling techniques (Aircraft Modelling)
– Marcus Nicholls: The Editor of Tamiya Model Magazine International Marcus is known as one of the finest modellers in the World and is uniquely able to cover all subjects from AFV’s to Cars, Sci-Fi and Aircraft. In MIM he brings his style and secrets of modelling, and is able to show his models to their best with the high quality production values.
– Lawrence Hansen: Senior Editor at Fine Scale Modeling magazine.- Mark Stanton: Writer of Scale Aircraft Modelling– John Mc Illmurray: Writer of Advanced Aviation Modelling– Richard Franks: Former editor of Aviation Scale Modeller– Trevon Snowden: Airfix Research and Development Engineer- Jerry Scutts: Editor of Advanced Aviation Modelling and Basic Aviation Modelling
Another source is the model magazines that you can obtain a subscription and also become a member enjoining newsletter and valuable information. Electronic version is also available for most of the magazines and ready for download (a sample in PDF format). Some of the most well known are listed below:

I tried to reveal as many magazines as possible but really there are lot of them in global. Personally I am buying “Military Illustrated Modeller”, “Model World”, “Fine Scale Modeler” Scale Aviation Modeler”, and some of Tamiya’s publication. You can direct make a subscription from publishers, below are some of them:
SAM Publication – Use the code “news25” to receive 25% discount
ADH Publishing – App Store available
FineScale Modeler – Digital subscription available
Military Modelling – App Store available
Kalmbach Publising – Digital subscription available
Airfix Model World – App Store available
Books is the best way to get references about the Hobby. Tools, techniques, reviews, photo galleries and much other information incorporate in one book that you want to read it again and again. Various publishers and well known scale modelling manufactures publishing these books. Some of the most important according to my opinion are the following:
I hope my article helped you to get an idea from where to begin if you really love and want to start this hobby. Amazon widgets are created in my blog for easy search of these books but you can search by yourselves to find them  from other sources. I use to buy them (new by free shipping from BookDepository or used from AbeBooks) from the following online stores.
I will continue adding more articles in this page for the matter in subject.
“Enjoy your hobby”

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