Scale Modelling Magazines

An excellent source for the Scale Modelling Hobby is the scale modelling magazines that are available and easily you can obtain a subscription. By becoming a member you will be able to enjoy newsletters and valuable information. Electronic versions are also available from most of the magazines and ready for download (a sample in PDF format). In our days having Smartphones as not a simply mobile device any more but as a tool for gathering information and social communication, many applications already exist for reading some of the most popular magazines in the glob. 


How to find

More information and details you may find by using web-crawlers to locate the list of all available magazines in the glob. Some sources are listed below:
– Link from

FineScale Modeler

FineScale Modeler is one of the most famous magazines (link). Some of the latest issues of 2012 are listed below and ready for download:

FineScale Modeler October 2012 issue
FineScale Modeler November 2012 issue

Scale Modelling Publishers

SAM Publication – Use the code “news25” to receive 25% discount
ADH Publishing – App Store available
FineScale Modeler – Digital subscription available
Military Modelling – App Store available
Kalmbach Publising – Digital subscription available
Airfix Model World – App Store available

Traplet Publications – Books and Digital subscription available

……and many other.

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